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Welcome to The Hiking Club


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We're are based in the village of South Witham, Initially we will be walking locally and  by way of car sharing will be travelling to anywhere within a 2 hour drive drive.  To make that drive worthwhile walks will be 7 miles or more..  We will add a few challenge walks for the summer .

We do have a outdoor health questionnaire which we require members and no members  to fill in, this is a requirement of our insurance provider.

For more information about this club and the whys, the hows etc then have a look at the about tab.

We are about to Start our summer 2015 walking Calendar and date will be being added over the next couple of weeks

Routes, mapping, Gps and Smartphones

With the count down to Christmas now down to days its time to turn to what Apps would you Have on your phone to help you whilst Walking.

Here at the Hiking Club we take safety to Heart and Always recommend you have a map and Compass to hand but when the walks are short you might just get away with a smartphone or Table and some Great Apps.

But first Not all these apps are Free But in Most cases there is a free Version.

Our favourite Apps and one that has more uses than just when you walking is

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What type of walks do you want?

Well Hello All

It time for me to  start planning the routes for the rest oif the year and  for the whole of next year.  So I need a little help from you all.

I'm going to create a web questionaire if you can complete it it will give me an idea of the sort of walking I need to include in the plan.

So here is the link.  to answer you will have to be registered and signed in.

many thanks